Our restaurant started offering new services!

Our restaurant started offering new services!

  • Family Style: These are casual dining places where you get to choose from a moderately priced menu. They generally offer different items in a 3-course style menu along with customisation of sauces or dips. They offer different cuisines ranging from Mexican to Italian to barbecue etc. with proper table service.


  • Bistro or Café: Cafe’s or Bistro’s don’t offer you with huge menus or table services. They generally offer types of Coffees, teas, bread, pasta or classic breakfast dishes. The atmosphere of these places is generally soothing, calm with light music. The setting can be rooftop, outdoor or even indoor with a specific theme. The fares depend on the type of atmosphere, but they are moderately cheap.


  • Buffet Style Restaurants: This is another style of restaurant that became popular during the middle ages. From their name, it is quite clear that their food is served buffet-style where you need to take the food yourself as per your liking. There are different buffet packages according to which you have the choices of food items. The prices generally vary for the type of cuisine and also with the timings. The prices are a little higher during the weekends and with the choice of sitting.

These are some of the types of restaurants that have emerged in the past few years. They generally serve different varieties of cuisines, and thus their prices are set. Try them whenever you go out!

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