My Café: Recipes & Stories – Overview

My Café: Recipes & Stories – Overview

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories comes with plethora types of features. Even players will get opportunity to play this restaurant simulation game in which they will get chance to run their great café. Well, along with the game you can easily grow a coffee shop or your dream restaurant. If you are looking for the best and most genuine sources of collecting the free coins then simply use my cafe cheats. You must decorate the coffee shop according to your need. Therefore, get ready to hire and train the staff. Don’t forget to decide on the café menu items and also set the price of the items according to your needs.

Check out the Gameplay

As the game is simulations, so you will get chance to gain more and more experience as the owner of the café. There would be lots of staff members will start working under you. Therefore, simply pay attention on it. In addition to this, even the makeover the café perfectly and knack the design. Therefore, simply choose décor styles and other set the positions of the furniture according to your wish.  Moving further, you can read the reviews at different online sources, in order to grab huge amount of currencies. Even coffee shop is really useful so check out the decoration of it for making it best.

Go social with My Café

Players are eligible to play this game with the friends and also meet like minded coffee lovers to form of townships and also play against the owners of the other coffee shops for earning the rewards. There are different kinds of festival tasks comes in the game that you must fulfill in order to lead your town to success together and perfectly. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check out my cafe cheats that comes with the two different security features such as Anti-ban and Proxy. Therefore, it will give you best outcomes.


Coins, Gems and Chests of Golf Clash game to play for


Golf Clash game is a game which is played by the great number of golfer and team lover players. Online and offline both types of game mode are becoming popular among the players of the globe. Golf Clash game offline mode takes the player in training mode and in this way player gets training and command over the game.

Golf Clash Hack is also more in demand to have different types of balls and clubs of the game by earning gems, coins and opening up chests of different kinds. Golf Clash can be said a pack full of absorbing and with engaging entertainment.

Coins of the game

The game coins are the first and main currency of Golf Clash. Player needs coins to enter into the game and matches of Golf Clash. Different kinds of accessories and upgrading both are possible with the help of coins.

Gems currency

Gems of the game play premium role to buy premium items and things of the game. These are used specially for buy special golf balls. For opening chest gems are required and also time can be saved. After finishing tasks and achievements of Golf Clash player can have them.

Chests role in Golf Clash game

Chests of Golf Clash game are so much important in the game to play. Player has six different kinds of chests to use and play the game successfully. These chests are having full of different awards and prizes such as Coins, Clubs Cards, Golf Balls, and Gems in this game. player can also acquire them with the help of Golf Clash Hack tool.

Golf balls

The game of Golf Clash has also various types of balls. They are mostly known as Wind Balls, Sidespin Balls, Power Balls and Resistance Balls.