Mortal Kombat – Essential Tips to Know about Game

Mortal Kombat is an exclusive feature game, which includes some secrets. Today I will describe some important tips to play. First of all, before you unlock the infinite number of object as, so you should have enough Koins to buy or unlock an item, but in any condition you have not Koins to upgrading item so I suggest you to use Mortal Combat Hack without spending your valuable time.

Mortal Kombat played by two platforms, Android, and iOS, not only this, but you also play the game with your friends to link your social media account like, (Facebook). You also know about your friend’s skills in the game; I suggest to all, you should link your Facebook account with the game because to more enjoy the Mortal Kombat.

1. Necessary Tips to earn a number of Koins – You need the Koins in every step of the game, you can earn the maximum amount of koins  in 1 minute (2500), first of all if you downloaded it, you have to uninstall the patch of the game.

2. To unlock the Secret Fight – You can see on YouTube that how to access secret clash that also unlock the trophy. Eventually, we must get at least one round with a flawless victory in the sixth class of the living tower.

How to use Koins – Koins are the primary currency of Mortal Kombat which can be used to buy player cards and support cards

Player cards – we can also say warrior cards that can be used in the game for fights

Support Cards – support cards also known as booster cards. It can be used on player cards to enhance their stats. If you want to gain more currency so you should use Mortal Kombat Hack without using anything like money and so on.